Help For Your Church, Youth Group or School
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College class

College students have questions about the Christian worldview. I can visit your class to talk about issues from a Christian viewpoint.​​

Youth​​​ groups

Young people instinctively want to live for something bigger than themselves. Don't wait too long to encourage and equip young people to actively share their faith. Evangelism is not only biblical, but it's a effective way to create spiritual growth in young people.

High School

Christian schools can invite me to speak to their class about missions and evangelism.  Most seniors are just months away from college where they will be exposed to multiple cultures and worldviews which expands their minds to be more critical.


Church congregations can benefit greatly from intense training. A church may want to set apart a week each year for an evangelism emphasis. Regular evangelism training prepares church goers and increases their confidence and boldness.

You can invite me as a guest speaker to speak to your group. I am available to equip and answer questions on a variation of interesting subjects, such as: how to share the gospel more effectively, apologetics, missions or answering common questions about faith and religion.