Suggested Training Topics
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An Introduction to Evangelism: A Helpful Overview of the Essential Elements of Evangelism. ​​

Developing Listening Skills; An Essential Aspect to Successful Evangelism.

Identifying Your Fears and the Most Popular Reasons Christians Don't Share the Gospel.

​​​​Having a Firm, Confident Grasp of the Essentials of the Gospel Message.

How You Can Be More Confident Talking to People Regardless of Your Personality Type.

Current Challenges to Evangelism From Our Culture and How to be Prepared.

Identifying the 12 Biggest Reasons We Fail to Share the Gospel With Lost People Around Us And How To Overcome Them.

What Are The 8 Most Popular Gospel Presentations? And How Do They Compare and Contrast?

The Four Main Types of People Commonly Encountered and How They Differ. How to Speak With Each.

How to Effectively Draw An Evangelistic Appeal to a Close and Call An Unbeliever to Respond.

Helpful Techniques to Begin a Conversation Effortlessly and Naturally.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of ​​Lifestyle Evangelism.

Examining What Role the Moral Law Plays in Evangelism.

Being Ready to Respond to Some of the More Common ​Questions About the Christian Faith.

An Evaluation of Incentives Used in Gospel Presentations.

Understanding the Four Schools of Thought in Defending the Faith.

Answering the 7 Greatest Intellectual Challenges to Christianity.

The Most Common Mistakes Christians Make and How to Avoid Them.​​​​

Why Select Questions are Many Times More Helpful in Sharing the Gospel than Propositional Statements.

The 6 Styles of Evangelism Compared and Contrasted.

Using Scripture in Witnessing; Why Certain Verses are Indispensable.

The 7 Greatest Motivations to Evangelism.​​