Ten Challenges Posed by Our Contemporary Culture
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They are:

1. Illiteracy
Test scores reveal our country is falling behind, therefore talking about difficult subjects can present new challenges.

2. Biblical Ignorance
Back up to explain biblical terms or else risk losing any hope of communicating.

3. Hardness of Heart
Vice is oftentimes flaunted and even openly celebrated today. Desensitized towards sin by a callousness that runs rife in the cyber world, today's younger people are incapable of blushing.

4. Relativism
There is no objective truth, so why exert energy trying to discover something that does not exist? One of the consequences is #10.

5. Political Correctness
PC is a ruse to shut down dissenting viewpoints and freedom of speech.

6. Intolerance
Opposing viewpoints are labeled "hate speech" and sinful lifestyles are called "good."

7. Skepticism
Acidic and concentrated cynicism that is never able trust anything leading to a low level of commitment.

8. Negative View of Organized Religion
Churches are just out to control the masses and extract money, or so the story goes.

9. The New Atheism
Resurgent atheism is on the rise and is fast becoming "trendy" and cool among young people.

10. Apathy
Bereft of purpose and meaning, young people today are left with little, except living for the moment. 
     "Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time." - Col. 4.5
Challenges Posed by Our Contemporary Culture.

The following are 10 growing trends and how they heavily impact sharing the gospel in today's world. They ​are labeled "trends" because ​they have been growing steadily each successive generation. ​Ignorance of them places the Christian ​​at a disadvantage and can hamper effective evangelism.