Seven Biblical Realities That Motivate Evangelism 
The great biblical truths that support and result in evangelism
© 2014
How believers weigh each of these seven truths will determine how motivated they are towards sharing the gospel; especially when it requires difficulty and self-sacrifice. 
2. The Gospel Is the Greatest Message Known to Man

​What if you could tell someone only one thing, what would it be? It is the message of Christ, and the glory of the Father. Evangelism and missions exist to publish the greatest message of all time.
6. The Two Greatest Commandments Are: Love God, and Love Your Neighbor

​​A Scribe once asked Jesus to sum up all the law and the prophets. He did it by giving two of the greatest commandments. Loving God is demonstrated by doing what pleases and glorifying him. Loving our fellow man is guiding him or her to the greatest gift; the source of life itself. ​​
1. Death is an everyday reality

​You can't escape it. Everyday it gets one step closer. Over 150,000 people die everyday. Most of them lost.​​
3. Hell is a Literal Place of Torment

​Some discount a literal hell. Others don't like to think about it. But Jesus taught about it often. People who share their faith believe in hell more than anyone. The doctrine of hell has fundamental implications for evangelism as well as how we see our neighbor. ​
5. Jesus Was a Perfect Example of Obedience for Us To Follow

​Believers must identify with Jesus. Every second Jesus was perfectly faithful to the Father. We likewise should strive to pattern our lives according to his. His primary purpose must become ours. We must walk as Jesus walked.​​
4. There's Nothing More Important Than Someone's Eternal Destiny

Jesus said: "What does it profit a man, if he gains the
whole world and loses his soul. Our physical existence is very brief, but we have a soul, or spirit, that exists for eternity and will one day be reunited with our bodies either to eternal life, or eternal torment. What will really matter after a hundred years?​​
7. Christians Will One Day Give An Account

​Time is linear, and there is coming a day when God will bring all things to a close. When that day comes each person must give an account to the risen Lord for how we live in light of biblical truth. Each believer longs to hear: "Well done good and faithful servant."