Scheduling a Visit
If you desire evangelism training for your group, please take a moment to read. ​
If you would like to schedule a visit

Several options exist for training. Helpful subjects can be mixed and matched depending upon the need of the group and the length of training you desire.
​​Simply email:​to inquire about, topics, scheduling and dates available. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are a church group, and you are not the pastor, please make sure your pastor has approved the training before scheduling.​​

2. Choose your dates
​​Decide what days you would like me to come to conduct a training.

Length of visit: sometimes a church will request a one, two, or three day seminar conference style. I can also come and preach on missions and evangelism in a worship service. A church may prefer an all day Sunday (morning message, afternoon training, and evening message). Some churches combine some of the above in a three day revival format.​​​​ Decide what kind of format you would like, and if possible, give as much advance notice as possible​​.

3. Make travel Arrangements
I live in the Dallas area and can usually drive to your location. ​​
4. Expenses
There's no set amount since some churches have small budgets. If your church has financial limitations, just call and let me know.
It is the host responsibility to arrange accmodations. To defray costs, I am more than willing to stay at the house of a​​ host as long as they have a separate room and are hospitable.
1. Decide what subjects are best for your group
Here is a list of subjects I have taught on in the past and are the most helpful. Typically, each is between 1 - 2 hours long but can be adjusted to your needs. You can choose a topic from the list, or request one not there, just let me know.