Incentives Used In Gospel Presentations
​Is it biblical to offer "life enhancing" benefits in order to motivate the lost to respond positively?
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This Session Asks the Following:

What are incentives to the gospel?

​​What are life enhancements, and how are they commonly used in gospel presentations?

What biblical support are there for each?​​

​​Did Jesus or the apostles use life enhancement techniques?

​​​​Can some incentives be misleading or distort the gospel message?

​​​​What does the Bible say about each?

Q & A​​​​


1. Become a Christian to avoid hell.

2. Become a Christian so you can go to heaven.

3. Become a Christian to get your mansion in heaven.​​​​

4. Become a Christian so you can be reunited with a loved one.​​

5. Become a Christian so you can be reunited with a pet.​​

6. ​​Become a Christian so you can live a victorious life.

7. Become a believer and achieve your true potential. 

8. Becoming a Christian will heal your relationships.

9. Becoming a Christian will enhance your marriage.

​10. Becoming a Christian ​​​​means a life of peace and joy.

11. Becoming a Christian is the only way to defeat an addiction.

12. Becoming a Christian protects you from the Devil.

13. Becoming a Christian gives you a guardian angel.

14. Becoming a Christian gives one a purpose to live. ​​​​​​​​

15. Become a Christian so God will bless your career.

16. Becoming a Christian means you have a lot less problems. 

17. Become a Christian because God wants you to be rich. 

18. Become a Christian to receive healing or never get sick. 

19. Become a Christian so you can leave a lasting legacy.

​20. Becoming a Christian means a life of positive thinking.

21. Becoming a Christian will avoid the bad consequences of sin.

22. Becoming a Christian is an adventure you don't want to miss. 

23. ​​Becoming a Christian elevates your self confidence.

24. Becoming a Christian assures you the love of other believers. ​​

Some would enthusiastically affirm many of these gospel incentives to motivate someone to come to Christ. ​While a few of these enticements may be true for some, in reality, many can be misleading or outright unbiblical. For the overwhelming majority of Christians living in other countries, many of these statements do not materialize. In fact, in some cases, becoming a Christian may actually have the opposite effect.